We have carefully vetted many charities in diverse categories such as education and schools, healthcare, welfare, animal welfare, the arts, heritage organisations and more in different parts of the world. More about our philanthropic activities

How to get involved
The easiest way to get involved and donate is to pick your favourite charity from the category list below and donate through their individual websites.

The categories are:
• Arts, education and employment
• Healthcare, advancement of health or saving of lives
• Spirituality and Wellness
• Social, community and disability
• Culture and heritage
• Amateur sport
• Animal welfare
• Conservation, sustainable development

• Arts, education and employment

Sangam Centre (Registered charity 1119239)

The Hampstead Garden Suburb Institute

Mountfitchet Romeera Leisure Centre (Uttlesford District Council)

Mountfitchet Romeera Leisure Centre

The Asha Centre (Registered charity 1058320) UK

GlobalGiving UK is a registered, award winning digital charity committed to helping smaller non-profits globally to thrive. GlobalGiving are committed to making philanthropy more effective, efficient and transparent. GlobalGiving conduct in-depth due diligence and vetting on non-profits, provide practical training and support on all aspects of organisational development, track project impact and display project information, updates and feedback transparently through their website. Projects (outside conflict and fragile states) are usually visited once every two years using skilled, training volunteers.
Watch GlobalGiving contributes to The Romeera Foundation

GlobalGiving UK (Registered charity 1122823) Ongoing support for stages 1, 2, 3  (see the projects we’ve supported here

Smt Meenalben Mehta College of Arts & Commerce

Smt M M Shah Mahila Arts College

Tripura Foundation, Inc (Registered charity EN 25-1670693)

The Arya Kanya Vidyalaya Trust

We have supported several projects through Project Life ( such as:

Project Life

• Six schools

Six schools have been constructed by The Romeera Foundation

• Kantilal Mohanlal Mehta Auditorium
• Meenal Mehta Healing Center
• Empowering Women Project

Empowering Women Project

Proms at St. Judes (Registered charity 1094719) Supported every year since 2012

Acumen Trust (Registered charity 1105343) UK, The Charities Aid Foundation

The Dame Henrietta Barnet Fund (Registered charity 252204)

The Tutor Trust (Registered charity 1144043) UK

State of Ambition Limited (Registered charity 8198991)

Young Enterprise (London) Ltd

Jain Spirit – A promotional magazine for Jainism 

29 Primary schools and three institutions were rebuilt in Jamnagar District between 2013 and 2015

Mrs Meenal Mehta’s father built schools in the following villages, which needed reconstruction and The Romeera Foundation provided full support for it.
The schools are in the following villages:
Megan Gam, Meghpar Titodi, Ddinchada, Morkanda, KalMeghda, Makaji, Meg hpar, Fagas, Umarala, Nagadia, Lalparda, Sonardi, Theba, Ugamna Bara, Vachala Bara, Chudeshwar, Jhankhar, Mota Lakhiya, Jivapar, Ravalsar, Khimaliya, Lakhabavad, Dhrangada, Khimarana, Dabasang, Moti Matali, Jashapar, Machhlivad, Timbadi, Vinjalpar

One of many schools reconstructed by The Romeera Foundation

Three institutions reconstructed are:
• Maniben. M. P Shah Mahila Arts College – Kadi (New building for the college)
• Maniben. M. P Shah Mahila College Of Education – Surendranagar
• M. P. Shah Kumar Chhatralaya –  Limbdi  

One of the educational institutions

• Healthcare, advancement of health or saving of lives

London’s Air Ambulance (Registered charity 801013)

The Virtual Doctors

British Heart Foundation

Break Through Breast Cancer

Demelza House Children’s Hospice

M P Shah Hospital, Nairobi, Kenya

M P Shah Hospital, Nairobi, Kenya

Maniben M P Shah Trauma Recovery Centre (TRC)

Great Ormond Street Children’s Hospital

CLAPA (Registered charity 1108160) Cleft Lip & Palate Association

Arthur Rank Hospice Charity (Registered charity 283353)

CARE International UK (Paras Jehtwa – sponsorship) British Heart Foundation

Lions SightFirst Eye Hospital

Lions SightFirst Eye Hospital

Break Through Breast Cancer

Walk the Walk Worldwide (Registered charity SC029572)

Rotary Eye Institute, India

Saurashtra Medical & Educational Charitable Trust, India

M P Shah – Old People’s Home

• Social, community and disability

Karuna Trust (Registered charity 327461) Supported every year since 2012

Find Your Feet (Registered charity 250456)

Find Your Feet

UnLtd India

The Social Entrepreneur’s Trust (Registered charity 1053569)

BowHaven (Registered charity 1114194)

iPartner India (Registered charity 1114944) India

Jersken Little Angels’ Home (Jersey charity 421)

African Prisons Project (Registered charity 1121764)

African Prisons Project

Meghraj Charitable Foundation

John Grooms

Plas-Ware Limited (Feeding Homeless) Supported every month since 2014

Shree Swaminarayan Gurukul Parivar UK (Registered charity 1125072)

• Culture and heritage

Archaeological Park: Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun, Bosnian Valley of the Pyramids in Visoko, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Archaeological Park: Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun, Bosnian Valley of the Pyramids in Visoko, Bosnia and Herzegovina

• Conservation, sustainable development

Blue Ventures Conversation (Registered charity 1098893)

Trees for Cities

• Amateur sport

Jersey2Africa4football Foundation (Registered charity 112284)

• Animal welfare

Shree Karuna Foundation Trust Rajkot
Animal Helpline & Mobile Annaxhetra (Foodzone) for Animals and Birds

Lewa Wildlife Conservancy, UK

Lewa Wildlife Conservancy, UK

WSPA (Registered charity 1081849) World Society for the Protection of Animals (Meera Mehta and Jane Harrison sponsored)

Animal Interfaith Alliance (Registered charity 8958588)

Dharamsala Animal Rescue, India

Beht (Registered charity 1072109) Animal shelters in Dungana Village, Nepal

The Brooke – Action for working horses and donkeys

The Brooke – Action for working horses and donkeys